IrrODE is a wrapper for the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) and Irrlicht. In the package you find Irrlicht scene nodes that use ODE, some tutorials to learn IrrODE and a couple of demo applications as well. You can browse the Tutorials and the doxygen API documentation online. The current version of IrrODE is using Irrlicht 1.7.1 and ODE 0.11.

This is the public SVN of the project. You can Brose IrrOde's SVN repository, or continue to the sourceforge project: If you have any questions or need help using IrrOde feel free to post a message to the official IrrOde thread on the Irrlicht forum. You can also download the latest binary distribution and some other addons for Irrlicht from my homepage:

Contents of the package:
  • IrrOdePlayground: the program I used to develop IrrODE. It contains a FPS camera and a terrain. You can drop a lot of different objects in the scenario (box, sphere, cylinder, capsule, trimesh), objects combined by joints, objects attached to the environment by joints, bridges (attached to the environment on both sides) and a stack of boxes.
  • IrrOdeCar: The name of this program is a little bit misleading. While it originally only had a user controlled car it now does also have a tank and a helicopter that the user can control. The car scene contains some little objects to kick around, two ramps and a seesaw. The tank scene has a tank that shoots bullets and a total of 10 targets to shoot at while the helicopter only has it's landing pad.
  • IrrOdEdit: a plugin for IrrEdit. Using this plugin you can easily develop scenes with IrrOde objects in and load them later on.
  • IrrOdEditExample: a little demo application that shows the usage of the IrrOdEdit plugin.
  • IrrOdeMarble: a little demo game inspired by Marble Madness. The game just has one level, it's intended for programmers who want to see how to develop a game using irrOde, and maybe level designers because the demo level is done using the irrOdEdit plugin for irrEdit.
  • IrrOdeSurfaceEdit: this is a little tool you can use to define a set of surface parameters to be used in your project. It gives you the possibility to define all parameters known from the IrrOdEdit plugin for IrrEdit. In IrrOdEdit you can specify you surface parameter file with the attribute "surfaceDefinitions", and the API provides a method "CIrrOdeWorld::setSurfaceXml". All parameters can then be referenced by their name either in IrrOdEdit with the attributes "name(_mat<number>)" and "useDefined" or queried from the API with "CIrrOdeManager::getSurfaceParameter".

The repository contains the latest version of the source files and projects for Visual C++ 2005, Visual C++ 2008 and Code::Blocks 10.5. These projects just need a little change to the settings (path to the Irrlicht and ODE libs), but when you have finished that they are ready to go.